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Drei - VJing Project

“Drei” was a live VJing set created by Marco Ellensohn, Laura Aïda Zihlmann, and me.
The event called “Open Vid” as part of the “New Music Days” took place in the Neubad Luzern, where we mounted a projector to the curtain rail to project onto the pool floor.

The music was composed by Gaudenz Wigger, who also conducted the musicians and played the digital sound elements of the piece, while I handled the live VJ performance.

– 2019

Mounted beamer at the venue
Live performance "Drei" stillimage


The whole event was covered in an article written by Katharina Thalmann in the Luzerner Zeitung.
– 2019

Article Excerpt about "Drei" written by Katharina Thalmann