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My graduation shortfilm called Carrion is an atmospheric CGI shortfilm that addresses the misery and ruin a pandemic leaves in its wake. I created the whole sound design, which was mentored and mixed by Thomas Gassmann. The wonderful music was composed by Sebastian Androne-Nakanishi during our collaboration over the audio of the project.
– 2021

2021 Carrion Film Poster


World Premiere in Vancouver Canada

Kurzfilmnacht St.Gallen

Carrion was shown at the Kurzfilmnacht St.Gallen in the Kinok in the programm “Made in St.Gallen”. The day after the screening there was a wonderfull article written by Sandra Cubranovic for the magazine Saiten. The article mentions the details in the sound design which are well thought out. But be warned, the full article contains spoilers!
Article excerpt on Carrion in the magazine Saiten. Written by Sandra Cubranovic

Solarkino St.Gallen

On Friday, 12. August 2022 the Solarkino St.Gallen will hold a shortfilm evening called “SWISS AND ST.GALLEN SHORTS” on the basketballfield Kreuzbleiche. Big thank you to Adriana and Denis!

Excerpt of the Programm Description
Solarkino St.Gallen Programm 2022